Wray Creek Farm

Organic - Local - Sustainable

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About Wray Creek Farm...

Started in 2013 on a piece of untouched pasture we are hard at work trying to see how much excellent organic food can be grown on a small acreage on the Saanich Peninsula.

Where you can find our produce...

We started at North Saanich Farm Market in 2013, expanded to include James Bay Market in 2014 and have started a vegetable box program delivering fresh vegetables and eggs to the greater Victoria area. 


Paul Welle is a fifth generation vegetable farmer with ancestry tracing back through Holland and Germany. Paul grew up in North Saanich at his parent’s floriculture greenhouses and later had his own greenhouse operation in the Martindale Valley growing flowers. He had a fling with the outside world while getting an education in Mechanical Engineering and working in the fuel cell industry and at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory as well as running his own contracting business before returning to the fold and his roots at his small farm in the Prospect Lake area.

Inspired by the philosophies of Mollison and Bromfield and the French vegetable farmers of the 19th  and 20th centuries,  instructed by modern organic farmers such as Coleman, Fourtier and Dawling, and guided by the Christian paradigm of excellent stewardship of the earth, Paul is determined to explore, through the innovative, hybrid use of centuries old wisdom coupled with the latest natural farming techniques , the potential of how much high quality, healthy, organic food can be grown on a small farm on the Saanich Peninsula. He believes that healthy food and healthy community means more than trucking “organic” lettuce 3000 km from California to be sold at a big box store. Honk and wave as you drive by.

Know your farmer, know your food.